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Lecture 11

FRHD 3040 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Father, Prolactin, Cortisol

Family Relations and Human Development
Course Code
FRHD 3040
David Green

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FRHD Lecture 11 March 1st
I aot thik of ay eed i hildhood as stog as the eed fo a fathes potetio
Definition of fathering and fatherlessness
- How would you define fathering?
- How would you define fatherlessness?
Tes Used fo Male’s Paetig: Fatheig
- Fathering- biological (insemination) social aspects (parenting)
o Narrowly defined- physical presence and behavioural engagement
o Broadly defined- responsiveness, harshness, behavioural engagement, and
affective involvement
o Multilateral process- many stakeholders influenced by culture and institutions
- Responsible fathering
o Postponement of impregnating women until emotionally and financially ready to
support children
o Accept legal paternity
o Support children financially
o Involvement in physical and emotional care of children
o Implications: privilege and disadvantage
- Fatherhood
o Ways of being a father
o Narrowly defined: fertility status
o Broadly defined: social factors
o Other determinants- timing of parenthood, age of becoming a biological father
o Parenting behaviours of males: both biological and social children
Terms used to categorize fathers
- Traditional
- Patriarchal
- Nurturing
- Uninvolved
- Distant
- Absent
Dimensions of fathering
- Behavioural dimension encompassed Lamb et al. father involvement model- observable
ad uatifiale aspets of fathes’ ae ad soializatio of hilde (egageet,
accessibility, responsibility)
- Cognitive
- Affective
Determinants of fathering: Biological
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