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Lecture 7

FRHD 3040 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Parenting Styles, Social Skills, Motor Skill

Family Relations and Human Development
Course Code
FRHD 3040
David Green

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Parental influences on children’s psychosocial development
- Quest for comeptence
o Encouragment, instrumental support, acknowledgment of progress, direct assistance
- Encouragement of sports, hobbies, and/or art based activities
o Uniqueness of children
Parental influences on social skills
- Social and behavioural functioning
- Culture of family and community
- Positive interactions with adults and other children
- Social skills important during middle childhood
- Development of social skills
o Parent influence development behaviours
o Parenting styles contributes relationships with peers
Parent-child co-regulation of behaviour
- Sharing of social power
- Mentally able to share greater social power
Attachment to parents and peer relationships
- Steady decline in utilization of attachment figures
- Perception of parental availability
o Parents to met attachment needs and peers to meet companionship needs
o Less secure parental attachment = peers to fulfill attachment functions
Effect of context
- Communities with low incidents of crime and parental enjoyment of social support
o Fewer parenting challenges
o Generally better outcome of children
- More physical discipline in pooper and more dangerous environments
- Influence of social support on childrearing strain
- High levels of parental involvement
Parental structuring of children’s out of home leisure time
- Organized leisure activities
- Positive peer group organizations
o Extends children’s peer group interactions beyond the classroom
o Provides opportunities for children to develop friendships with children from a variety
of cultures
- Participation in organized physical activity
Impact of poverty on children’s extracurricular activites
- In middle class family
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