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Lecture 5

FRHD 3040 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Parenting Styles

Family Relations and Human Development
Course Code
FRHD 3040
David Green

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Responsiveness dimension
o Balance of responsiveness and demandingness
o Responsiveness: parental warmth or supportiveness
Parents intentionally foster individuality, self-regulation, self assertion y being
attuned, supportive, acquiesce to special needs and demands
Demandingness dimension
o Behaviour control
o Children become integrated into the family whole
Maturity demands, supervision, disciplinary efforts, willingness to conform
Characteristics of the 4 parenting styles
Indulgent/permissive parents
o More responsive than demanding
o Do not require mature behaviour
o Avoid confrontation
Authoritarian parents
o High demanding and directive
o Not responsive
o Expect order to be obeyed without explanation
o Expect children to accept judgements, values, and goals
Authoritative parents
o Demanding and responsive
o Disciplinary methods: supportive
o More open to give and take with their
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