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Lecture 1

FRHD 3040 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Parenting, Marshall Green, Narcissism

Family Relations and Human Development
Course Code
FRHD 3040
David Green

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Parenting goals
Tasks of parenting
o Psychological goals of parenting
Goals of what you want your child to do
o Specific developmental goals
Different things you want them to know and master at different stages
o Interpretive lens
o Acquisition of important skills
o Recognition of cultural variations in beliefs and practices
Can’t generalize
o Transmission of beliefs and practices
Models of knowledge/cultural transfer
o Developing person as recipient
o No reorganization of message
o Compatible to technical systems
o Developing person engages in active co-construction
o Open systemic processes
Novelty as constantly in the process of being created
Able to analyse message
Look at implications of what it means
o Both children and parents are involved
Psychological goals of parenting
Autonomy and relatedness
o No dichotomy
o Similar goals in diverse cultural contexts
o Coexistence of collectivist and individualist values in communities
o Changes in neat classification of cultures
o Increased globalization
Learning from others
Challenge perspective that we hold
o Complex conceptualization of children’s development
o Changes in immigration
o Political and economical trends
International challenges
o Technological advancement
Social media
Specific developmental goals
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