FRHD 3070 Lecture Notes - Literature Review, External Validity, Internal Validity

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September 17, 12
Types of Research
Qualitative: dealing with numbers
Quantitative: tell a story
Steps in Planning Evaluation Research
Identify primary stakeholders
Identify and focus (which questions are more important then others)
Evaluability (capable of being evaluated) assessment
Literature review
Research Process
Select a research topic or question
Read literature, see what has been done
Develop hypothesis or research objective
Design study, who will you focus on, how to sample them/ measure them
Ethics review
Conduct study, collect data
Data analyses
Critical Thinking Process
Ask questions
Objectively define the problem
Examine available evidence
Analyze assumptions and biases
Avoid emotional reasoning
Don’t oversimplify
Consider other interpretations
Tolerate uncertainty
Objectives of Science
Determine causes
Theory: set of interrelated hypothesis that is used to explain a phenomenon and make
predictions about associations among constructs relevant to the phenomenon
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