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Lecture 7

FRHD 3150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Backward Chaining, Forward Chaining, Equivalence Class

Family Relations and Human Development
Course Code
FRHD 3150
Michelle Preyde

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Contextual stimuli
o Anything that you can perceive as present in your environmental context
Stimulus control
o The degree of correlation between the occurrence of a particular stimulus and of the
particular response
Types of Stimuli
Discriminative Stimulus
o When the consequences only occur in the presence of the stimulus
Stimulus Delta
o If this stimulus is present, then response will not be reinforced
o When the consequence never occurs in the presence of the stimulus
o Two parent families
One parents is always the disciplinarian
Stimulus Discrimination Training
Procedure of reinforcing a response in the presence of a discriminative stimulus
Extinguishing that response in the presence of stimulus delta
Stimulus Generalization
Procedure of reinforcing a response in the presence of a stimulus and the effect of the response
becoming more probable in the presence of another stimulus or situation
When the behaviour remains the same across various stimuli
How do we generalize
o Physical similarities
Stimuli are highly similar in appearance
o Common-elements stimulus class
Some similarities suggesting a common class
o Stimulus equivalence class
Entirely dissimilar but same class
Gradual change over successive trials of an antecedent stimulus that controls a response so that
the response eventually occurs to a partially changes or new stimulus
Gradual transfer of control from one stimuli to another
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