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Lecture 8

GEOG 1200 Lecture 8: Landscapes

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GEOG 1200
Marinel Mandres

Friday, October 30, 2015 Geo Lecture Social Geography: Interpreting Places and Landscapes - landscape is a product of culture - landscapes can reflect a political and/or economic system - Exclusionary: some places off limits to certain groups - Landscapes can be completely artificial - how people perceive landscapes LANDSCAPE AS A HUMAN SYSTEM Ordinary Landscapes - Constructed to reflect every day life. - created by people as they go about their daily routines - ones that are lived in, but also changed - have the ability to change peoples perceptions - may change peoples values - may change peoples behaviour - where people live and work (neighbourhood, residential area) Symbolic Landscapes - are deliberately constructed to represent values and aspirations of social groups, with intent to project them to population - the symbolic meanings that you find in landscape are meant to reflect those who created the meanings - two types of symbolic landscapes: •Landscapes of power: elite landscapes. Big cities, capital cities, governmental property. Degree of control. 1 Friday, October 30, 2015 • Landscapes of stigma: pariah landscapes. Places where people do not feel safe. These are dangerous landscapes. If you think of it as Us and Them, it is their place. Ghettos — compton. Landscapes of dispare (Skidrow). Darrelict landscapes (abandoned or fallen apart … scary. Places prone to break and enters) - Monumental vistas and focal points - Washington's principle points: WHITE HOUSE, Washington monument, and the congress Landscape as Text - Read it like a book - Meaning of landscape changed - can be reinterpreted - can have several authors and several readers - Reading landscape: looking out for things that are missing - Interpret what the author is saying - Different layers of history - May be alternative identities PLACE MAKING AND PLACE MARKETING Place making - claim a space, deli
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