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University of Guelph
GEOG 1200
Marinel Mandres

Geography lecture 12 Case Study: Las Vegas • A synthetic place, has all place marketing things • City makes strong connection between economics and culture • Marketing fantasies • Wasn’t always like this. Used to be centre for gambling • In 1990’s, it underwent transformation (place making and marketing) to megaresort Conceptualizing, defining and measuring development Before 1945 causes of poverty assumptions  the main assumption was that poor countries were undeveloped because of there location and that among the poor countries poverty was unavoidable and unresolvable  There were internal causes that lead to this underdevelopment  Countries could be doomed to be poor because they lacked natural resources  Poverty unavoidable because of a high population growth rate  Low level of education, societies reluctant to change  Economic factors: low wages, low productivity, small markets for products produced in poor countries, they have a large informal sector (under ground economy, people don’t report their pay to the government)  Uneven distribution of resources, resources controlled by the elite  Geographic and demographic factors do not cause underdevelopment  we not focus on external factors  it is now believed that countries are underdeveloped because: 1. colonialism: early country’s resources were exploited and when they became independent they did not have much to work with 2. neo-colonialism: small countries take out money from the world bank and the effects are still felt today because of the conditions attached. Small countries must make cuts to the public sector this causes a debt crisis. Middle class is shrinking 3. Trade: many underdeveloped countries have bad terms of trade. Most of the poor countries are st
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