Nature, Society and Technology

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27 Nov 2011
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Nature, Society, and Technology
Technology is the place where people meet their environment
as technology increases the relationship with nature changes
individual computers, but also connected to bigger system, the internet
think about it on different levels
also true of nature and society
something about motherhood and apple pie
innovation, comes form having bigger population groups
thats when you develop education, necessity for creative solutions
same can be said of affluence
you need money for research and development
move to solar energy requires a certain amount of affluence and technology
however to not stop the implact but decreases
appartenly solar panels take a shit load of engery to make
power, social power
people are not willing to let go of their power
Kinds of forests traditionally in Bamff, were regulated by fire, but recently
weather patterns revealed that the fires were not natural, but the
native people were doing it on purpose, maintaing the health of the
Ecological imperialism,
animals from periphery to new world, or from one part of the periphery to
lot of it seen in australia and other islands
frogs and rabbits
next big shift in terms of peoples relations with the environment
industral revolution saw rise of energy consumptions and production and
heavily reliant on fossil fuels
not used to equal extent everywhere
france uses more nuclear etc
coal is dirty, so generally poorer nations and peoples use it
BC mines coal and ships it to china they are a bunch of hypotcritcs
making things here sending them elsewhere
advantages here, disadvantages are seen more else where, distancing
Three gorges damn
hydo is considered renewable
doesn't mean it is green, or has no environmental impact
over a million people needed to evacuate because of flooding
with the shift of water, the weight is shifting the earth on its axis by 2cm
Ukraine, 64 killed by radiation itself, thousands more cancer long term
when they run well they are very safe, but when something bad happens it is
really really bad
Coal mining in Apalacia
mountain top removal mining
huge amounts of pollution
short term jobs
people of the area are quite poor
hunt and stuff
mountain ranges are an important cultural geographic feature
Technological shift?
moving from one type of energy to another
there are often problems with other types of energy
who is willing to accept the outcome/?
balancing act
Land-use Change
converted completely, or modified
huge trend of deforestation
most worried, in the amazon
90s big blow up about factory farming in the amazon for mcdonalds
There are fads in what people care about, different problems are the 'it' thing
deserts not useful,
deserts expanding, areas in China be decertified as well
Wetlands to settlement
72% loss of wetland in Southern Onatrio in 200 years
Natural Resources
example in textbook fisheries
Tragedy of the commons
when everyone has access
some will freeload
others will get in and take everything so that the freeloaders won't get it
think about the berry patch metaphor