GEOG 1200 Lecture Notes - Ecological Footprint, Forced Abortion, Core Countries

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Published on 27 Nov 2011
Population and environment; Conceptions of nature
Environmental determinants of population geographies
closer to the equator
Soil conditions
fertile soil
Water availability, etc.
However, there are many human settlements successfully located
on environmentally disadvantaged sites
Cultural, political, economic reasons
singapore, trade hub, resources brought in
Environment and population debates
Malthus on population and food resources
Historical context of this work
food increases arithmetically, population increases exponentially
Contemporary overpopulation debates:
Do we have enough food to feed everyone?
yes, but not always the right kind of food, cows
question of distribution
Who causes environmental degradation?
per cspita core countries create much more, waste and depletion
How far are we willing to go to limit population? Whose fertility should be
fear mongering, forced abortion and infanticide, forced sterilization of
mentally ill people
Environmental carrying capacity
Inverting the notion of carrying capacity…
how much land does each person need
Ecological Footprint:
Output: a measure of land area per person
Benefits and drawbacks
Environmental crisis
Why now?
Increased technology and push for economic growth; increased consumption
lavish lifestyle
Better scientific information about environmental issues
so we know we are fucking up
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