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Population Geography

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GEOG 1200
Kate Parizeau

Population Geography Who makes up a population improvements to health care, allows people to live longer, fertility treatments Environmental conditions, ability to have more children, smog to mortality rates, famine and drought killing people where they are and where they choose to move to sources of data census survey of population, generally national basis cancellation of long form census, short form census basic information about yourself conservative government cancelled the mandatory long form census, if you hadn't filled it out prior you could have gone to jail, that would be embarrassing the quality of data will not be maintained homeless people don't fill out censuses vital records birth and death certificates administrative record linkage some Scandinavian countries do this, Canada is thinks about it one repository that has all of your information in it distribution globally where does everyone live, (map link in powerpoint) most of the world lives in concentrated pockets, about 10% of the world's mass, mostly up north of the equator, near water ways and on the coast within a nation (link in powerpoint) most of us live close to the american boarder, equmene about 80 % of population lives in cities, areas with over 1000 people Population density globally (map in powerpoint) most dense have over 400 people/km2 also places without liveable land within a nation notion of scale, depends on the level you look at something, the information changes (map in powerpoint) Within a city (map of detroit in powerpoint) the population density decreased, Detroit used to be important to the automobile industry collapse of automobile industry caused part of the drop in population when coloured people moved in, white flight occurred, similarly the middle class african americans are now moving out, they don't like the crime rate and crumbling city suburbs also stole the people from the city (additional link about detroit's decline) Population composition gender, age, employment, migrant status population pyramids, age and gender traditionally they would be the shape of pyramids change of the age pyramid means that the social climate is changing Dependency ratio babies and old babies for the workers, 20 to 64 to take care of dependency ratio in canada will rise because of the old baby boomers Crude birth rate global differences - affluence ( map in powerpoint) richer countries lower birth rates then poorer ones replacement rate when people have children, have them earlier or later in Canada is about 2.1 to count for mortality rates places in the
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