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GEOG 1220 Lecture Notes - Annual Percentage Rate, Costa Rica

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GEOG 1220
Lorne Bennett

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Case study The flight of BIRD
After all the deforestation for making cattle land the major compacting of the
land made it impossible to plant anything in the baron land
BIRD brinkman international reforestation development
In BC mix species planting works well, and aids for timber production and
grows to cover the deforestation
The project grow small trees in a tent and when its at the productive yield,
they are planted in the protected area to grow trees and help the forestry
Planting based on the soil present in Costa rica
If you reforest soil areas that are depleted, you improve soil quality
Plant teet tress which grow fairly quickly
Shouts are used to create new trees, they are found in basement
Make cuts on base to create shouts for further grows and planting
Shouts are taken to farm for grow and purned and managed to moniter
growth and plant new ones
BIRD also helps the people with work, life, and schooling
BIRD created a school, and creating employment and developed community
Employment allows people to development community, create wrok, and
build knowledge about the environment
Development lead to quality of life improvement (cars, telephone etc)
5000-600 hectares manged with 60-100 workers in the field, plus 10-12 in
management and staff
BIRD caught investors intrest due to the idea of growth and the money factor
as well
Government gave loans for agricultural growth because beef and meat
exportation was a good economic growth and later crashed so the
government focused on forestation
Costa rica has 3-4 native species that are doing very well
Forest is viewed as a ecosystem that provide goods and services
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