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GEOG 1220
Scott Brandon

Week 3 The Physical Spheres and LifeAtmosphere airHydrosphere waterLithosphere ground beneath us focus on natural circulation or flows within the physical spheres listed above and then take note of the ways humans have acted to accelerate andor decelerate andor redirect andor stop andor start andor change the content of these natural flows this is the essence of human impact on the environment Creation of the Earths Environment 3 factors that have contributed to the creation of the Earths environment 1 the earth is at a perfect distance from the sun Ex mars the sun is too strong and it doesnt have an atmosphere Pluto has no atmosphere and is too far away from the sun the atmosphere control the temperature of the earth 2 Water is required for life to exist3 Oxygen rich environmentInteraction of the Abiotic Spheres examples cars runoff erosion river kills fish EnergySolar Energy exogenous from outsideGeothermal Energy endogenousfrom within Heat comes into the earth only 65 it is then converted to heat which makes winds currents etc differences in flora and fauna reflect how much energy is in one spot ie rainforest desert Critical Components of the Atmosphere 1 Carbon Dioxide CO2 2 Ozone O3 3 Water Vapour H2O
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