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Lecture 2

Week 2 Lecture Notes: Historical Context of Human Environment Interactions

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GEOG 1220
Richard Kuhn

Week 2 Review Historical Context of HumanEnvironment Interactions1 The history of the Agricultural Revolution which begins with evolving Early Societies the lithic societiesA Lower Paleolithic or early Stone Age 10 000 yearsBPSavageryOpportunistic gatehering of plantsScavenging hunting of animalsHighly mobile populationsB The upper paleolithic 850010000 years BPbarbaricmanipulative control of wild plant and animalresourcesmore sophisticated huntergathererspopulations still mobile but more campsitesmore considered use of fireC Neolithic or late Stone Age 50008500 years BPgradual replacement of wild species and huntergatherer strategies with domesticated plants andanimalspermanent settlementspottery productionfood processing equipmentexchange networksD Bronze Age 5000 years BPintensification of agricultureless reliance on hunting and gatheringmore domesticatesmore and larger settlementsmetal technologymore sophisticated trade networks2 The huntergatherers and their environmental impacts1 Impact of fire example burn forests to create grasslandTasmania is dominated by scrubs and grassesno original forestsNew Zealand40 species of birds extinctEngland burning forests to create open areas for deer hunting
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