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Lecture 5

Week 5 Lecture Notes: Modern Agriculture

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University of Guelph
GEOG 1220
Richard Kuhn

Week 5 Review Modern Agriculture1 The Agricultural and Environmental viewpoints regarding our ability to feed 11 billion peopleAgricultural Viewpoint the view that we have enough resources and food for the entire world population it is just a question of equal distributionEnvironmental ViewpointDescribes agriculture as ecologically dysfunctional farming This viewpoint does not support the idea that we can feed the entire worldThe greatest population is found in areas that are favorable to agriculture22In 300 years increase from 26 million km to 15 million km of land dedicated to agriculture2 Characteristics of modern industrial or commercial agriculture1 Fossil Fuel inputs2 Technological inputs ex genetically modified products3 Tradelinkages4 High productivity per farmer5 Capital inputs tractors equipment6 Economic controls3 Issues regarding the success of modern agriculture World production of crops has increasedThe index of food production in developing countries has increasedWe develop technologies to overcome limitationsThe problem is food is food production vs population increaseOther issues to consider are arable land per capita the international distribution of food and the herbivorous versus the omnivorous dietExamples 12 billion people those are overnourished compared to 12 billion who are undernourished 15 of the population in developed countries are overnourished90 of the grain in North America is used to fee the livestock4 What is the Green Revolution What did it entailWhen hybrid varieties of wheat and rice were introduced to subsistence agricultural economics approximately 50 years ago5 What are the shortcomings of the Green RevolutionGrain production in the developed countries has actually declined since 1990
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