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Forestry Resources

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GEOG 1220
Richard Kuhn

Geography part II Professor Kuhn3 Forestry ResourcesA Natural Distribution Major part of our environmental imagination A flow resource thus potentially sustainable 4 billion hectares 30 of land surfaces Spread out differently by regionBiomes A large biogeographically unit of land characterized by a particular combination of animals vegetation and climate for example grassland or tundraBoreal Forest Cold environments subartic confers supplies lumber and pulpwoodTemperate forests cold environments mid latitudes deciduous original forest lost to agriculture and settlement Tropical forests warm environments low latitudes evergreen broadleaf trees rich biodiversity B Change in Forest Cover Loss of forests landscapes occurred in the last 50 yearsnow 30 covercleaved fragmented or degradedspread of agricultureanimal husbandryexpansion of settlementsdeforestation changing the land use of forests to something elseHaiti disintegrated economical due to deforestation Forest area includes primary forests modified natural forests seminatural forests productive forest plantations and protective forest plantations Net change in forest area takes into account afforestationPrimary and secondary forests Primary forests Uncut old growth frontier ecologically intact forests 0 of temperate 60 of tropical Secondary forests Ecological succession after cutting
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