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Land Resources

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GEOG 1220
Richard Kuhn

Geography part II Professor Kuhn4 Land ResourcesA Soil FormationEcological functionsMoisture sink and pathway for hydrological cycleHabitatReradiation of energy via colourEvaporation via temperatureUnderlying processesDynamic mixture of parent material characteristics with the climate vegetation and topography Soil Mantel Solum life supporting soilsubsoil inorganic portion resting on bedrockWeathering of bedrock forms soil termed residual parent materialParticles carried off by erosiondeposited on land surface depositsDifferent episodes of depositionprocesses create transported parent materialEx loess type of fertile soil transported and deposited by wind erosionSoil Profilehorizon organic rich upper layer topsoil fungus soil nutrientsA horizon zone of eluviation clay aluminum iron oxidesB horizon zone of illuviation no organic matter leaching with dissolved mineralsC horizon transition to subsoil no organic material more fine particlesSoil Properties 1 CompositionMineralorganic classificationMost soil contains 35 organic matter within 1050cm of surfaceOrganic energy system soil providesretains nutrientschemicals absorbs moistureVery prone to change2 TextureParticles classified by average diameter sand 052mm silt 00205mm clay 002Composite of particle size defined asweight of particles in various size classesOften mix of textural categories eg loam 40 sand40 silt20 claytoposequencescorrelation between landformssoil texture3 Soil Water
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