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GEOG 2260
Alexander Legwegoh

Feb. 12 Data Collection II Questionnaire Surveys - Definition: o Elicit people’s views, social conditions o Characteristics, behaviour, structures, attitudes/beliefs/opinions & knowledge o Quantitative & qualitative o Sample many respondents who answer same questions o Descriptive and/or analytical - Sampling o What kinds of people will you interview?  Target population o Random (probability) sampling OR purposive (non-probability) sampling? o How many people will you interview? - Types o Mail (self-administered) questionnaire o Telephone interviews o Face-to-face interviews - Data o Personal factual Q’s (demographic, behavioural) o Factual Q about others o Structural questions o Questions measuring attitudes, gauging beliefs, asking opinions o Questions about knowledge - Questions o Open-Ended  Ex: What do you think of the PM?  Pros:  Unlimited answers to complex questions  Allows creativity, self-expression, detail, clarification, unanticipated findings  Reveals logic, thoughts, frame of reference  Cons:  Varying detail  Statistical analysis difficult  Intimidating  Verbatim note-taking more time o Closed  Ex: Is the PM doing a…  Very good job  Decent job  Bad job  Pros:  Quick, clear, comparable answers (replicable)  Sensitive topics  Easier coding and stats analysis  Cons:  Suggestive, limiting
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