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GEOG 3020
Noella Gray

1 GEOG 2030 - 01: Environment and Indicators 2013-09-12 Done in class as an example for the actual in class activities that will be marked for participation. Exercise: Measuring Environment and Development  Top 4 problems as chosen by class: o Water scarcity/pollution o Overpopulation o Food security o Unstable government  Q1: How to assess these problems?  Water scarcity/pollution o Indicator: Would need to collect data of # of ppl affected by scarcity (or a representative group), for pollution would need to collect water samples of bodies of water found in a local area, scientists would collect water samples,  Overpopulation o Indicator: Would need to check availability of resources, determine how much of each resource people require to survive, then determine the number of people on a given piece of land sharing those resources. Data would be found through population surveys done by governments  Food security o Indicator: would need to check to see if farming was for subsistence or for export, how much food people had access to. Would be similar to the process for overpopulation  Unstable government o Checking internally in governments to see where $ and resources were going, could also check to see what residents thought of their government (although could be bias), could look at the environment to see if it was being exploited Environmental Indicators  We need data that is available and comparable at a specific scale  This information can be found in numerous locations – for example: The Environmental Performance Measurement Project, and The World Bank Water Scarcity/Pollution  Q2: What difference does it make to assess access to improved water vs. freshwater resources per capita? What are 2 the advantages/limitations of each indicator for understanding this issue/problem? o What is actually being measured when It comes to access to improved water sources? Are the numbers accurate, and where is the
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