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Lecture 2

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GEOG 3050
Kate Parizeau

WEEK 2 Urban Myths and the Mis-Use of Data that Underpin them  Satterthwaite 1. Introduction - Interest in assessing progress in devt in urban and rural popns including levels of poverty and service provisions - Compare cities ecological footprints, greenhouse gas emissions 2. Urban definitions and their impact on urbanization statistics - Urbanization level: proportion of national popn living in urban centres – govt defines an urban centre (include all 20,000+) - Scale of world’s urban popn influenced by urban criteria used w/I the largest popn nations - Worlds urbanization level best understood not as a precise figure but as being b/w 45-55% (depending on defn used) 3. City boundaries - Problems w comparisons b/w cities for their popn/popn growth rate when stats for one city are for its central area and for another are for an extended metropolitan area (city boundaries) - Some major cities w/I clusters of other cities and smaller centres outside their metropolitan boundaries – might be considered urban agglomerations - Some cities have boundaries understating their real popn b/c don't include dense settlements developed outside the official city boundaries 4. Lack of census data: big gaps of time in b/w censuses (10+ yrs) – espesh in sub-Saharan Africa 5. The generation of myths 5.1  Is Africa well on the way to European levels of urbanization? - Believed sub-Saharan Africa had rapid urbanization w/o economic growth in the 10s – based on figures of urban popns trends 70s/80s (no real data) - Less urbanized than projections show, stagnant growth, nations w increase best economic performance 5.2  Is urban growth in Africa, Asia and Latin America explosive, unprecedented, an out of control? - Increasing urban popn driven by concentration of new investment and employment in urban areas – driven by where private enterprises choose to concentrate - Political change shaped urban systems for Asia & Africa - Economic change
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