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Lecture 2

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GEOG 3050
Kate Parizeau

WEEK 2 (Tacoli & Mabala) Exploring Mobility & Migration in Context of Rural-Urban Linkages: Why Gender & Generation Matter Introduction - Rural urban linkages in sub-Saharan Africa & S.E. Asia - How mobility and migration intersect w the changing relations b/w rural and urban areas, ppl & activities, and transform livelihoods & power inequalities at intra and inter-household levels Mobility, Income Diversification and Livelihoods - Mobility: one response to the unequal spatial distrib of resources, markets and employment opportunities o Key element of livelihood strategies, based on access to assets mediated by political/economic etc. systems reflecting power relations b/w groups - How diff groups rely on rural and urban-based assets and resources to adapt their livelihoods to changing context and how policies can best support these transformations whilst identifying negative impacts - Livelihood strategy studies usually use household as unit of analysis (neglects diffs w/I household) o Attention to gender and generation diffs determine access to/power over the use of resources Gender and Generation in the Findings from the Case Studies - Rural settlements linked to large & smaller urban centres (Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania, Vietnam) - Ppl migrating has increased drastically b/c increase employment opportunities away from home settlements, economic/resource constraints in their home area, sociocultural transformations underpinning changing aspirations of young ppl - Key assets of rural households is land, unequally distrib, impact on intra-household gender selective movement when women don't have same inheritance rights as men o Empl
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