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Lecture 3

WEEK 3 - Pucher - Urban Transport Crisis in India.docx

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University of Guelph
GEOG 3050
Kate Parizeau

Urban Transport Crisis in India  Pucher 1. Overall Situation in Developing Countries - Factors contributing to severity of 3 world countries transport problems o Popn growth and increasing urbanization = growth of large cities and jump in travel demand o Supply of transport infra and services lagged behind demand o Public sector finances limited – transport funding inadequate o Transport facilities used beyond their design capacity o Pedestrian/cyclists facilities non-existent so share road w drivers - Low per capita income, unequal distrib, govt serves needs of majority - Most developing countries suffer from o Unplanned devt at suburban fringe w/o adequate infra/transport o Limited road networks, congested, poor traffic control o Increased car ownership o Poor roadway accommodations for non motorized transport o High transport pollution 2. Urban Conditions in India - Most important: popn growth, increasing urbanization, rising motorization, low per-capita income - Rapid popn growth = rapid growth in travel demand, overwhelming limited transport infrastructure - Increase in car ownership = more noise, pollution, traffic danger & for most ppl mobility has declined - Poor disadvantaged: low incomes cant afford public transport so walk or bike o High pollution, crowding, bad housing - Middle class also struggle w inadequate housing and transport, good affordable housing unavailable near center, live in far suburbs and long commutes 3. Trends in Lane Use - Cities spread outward as grow, lack of effective planning & land-use controls = sprawled development in all directions beyond city boundaries thereby increasing length and number of trips – walking/biking not feasible
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