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HIST 1010
Christine Ekholst

Nov 20 2012 The Early Modern World The French Revolution The Enlightenment was notThoroughly AtheistThe Enlightenment was an intellectual movementAgainst Catholicism as an institution but not as a religionBackgroundFinancial situation in France had a huge debtAbsolute monarchy troublesAristocracys power increasedThe end of the Seven Years War 17561763 o In the new world both French and British armies harassing merchant ships enhanced military presence in the new world fortresses around the Ohio river and the great lakes o French Indian wars o France on the side of Austria British on the side of PrussiaFought in different areas Europe New World India Great Britain had strongest navy Prussia had the strongest army series of osses for the French lost Quebec and Montreal1763 signed the Treaty of Paris characterized by French losses British Gains very costly and humiliatingWarfare costing greats amount of money increasing difficult for smaller state to keep up with the larger ones o Smaller states had a strong army entire society had to be committed to creating an army Prussia entire society dedicated to their armyOutcome of the Seven Years War American Revolution 17751783 o French supported the American Revolution gave money and military support excellent way at getting back at the British o French aid was decisive to American victory o French commanders became famous Marquis de Lafayette o American Republic and constitution admired in France Bourgeoisie and enlightened thinkers thought it embodied enlightened ideas all men are created equal John Locke and Montesquieu evident in constitution Debt in France had reached new levels Louis XVI 17741793Struggled to manage this situationEnd of 1780s French government was in need of reformsAll men were not created equal could not tax the wealthiest subjects the ones who had moneyTried to simplify the taxation system controversial many strongly against reforms that wouldnt benefit them Estates General Always weak compared to English parliamentHadnt been summoned since 1614 the King didnt need them
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