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HIST 1080 Sept 15 2011 Lecture Note (F11)

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HIST 1010
Peter Goddard

HIST 1080 Thursday, September 15, 2011 - Religious changes - Reformation – Christianity splits in two - Becomes possible to not believe in God - Social/economical changes at the end of the Middle Ages Black Death (aka: Great Plague, Bubonic Plague) – discoloration of skin, swelling of lymphnodes - Bubonic – affects lungs, blood - Black Death – marks era of end of Middle Ages (death of era/period of history, moving onto early modern period) - Killed 2/3 of population What? - Bacteria: Yersinia pestis – affects lungs, blood - On fleas – on rats – on ships Why? - Population growth – doubled - Barely enough food - Subsistence economy – live of what you produce; manage to get by; produce very little; vulnerable system – disastrous effects - Crops failed beginning of 13 century - 1315-22 – Great famine – people starve; health deteriorates; weakened population - Resources of Europe have been used up When and Where? - 1346-53 - Came from Asia - 1330-47 – Sicily - 1330-48 – Invaded France - 1330-49 – Reached England, Norway - 1350 – Reached Sweden - 1353- Reached Moscow Clicker Question 1 Q. How many dead in Europe? A. Hard to establish how many actually died. Somewhere in-between 30%-60% died. That would make 2/3 a slight exaggeration. About ½ of the population died. Explanations - Corrupt air - Poisonous fume - Poison in wells - Wrath of God – most people believed that it was God’s anger; unhappy with humanity Reactions? - Blame someone – find someone who is guilty ex. Jews - Repent your sins – if this is the wrath of God upon us, we need to please him by praying and putting your faith in God and the church - Punish yourself corporally – whipping - Give up trying to please God - Drink, eat, sex, shop – enjoy last days Consequences (Social and Economical) - Population decreased with 30-60% - Most workers worked land – shortage in workers - Increased wages - Increased social mobility – especially affected serfs (someone who works land; tie
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