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HIST 1010 Sept 22 2011 Lecture Note (F11)

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HIST 1010
Peter Goddard

HIST 1010 Thursday, September 22, 2011 How to be a Renaissance Humanist Petrarch o “Father of Humanism” o Avignon resident (dad worked for papacy), author, poet (Petrarchan sonnet), lifelong lover of Laura, introspective o Promoted recovery of classical literature o Died before printing press was invented Clicker Q 1 What is italic? – technique taught to energize schooling in the late middle ages a) First way of writing b) Easily taught to children c) Characteristic of Italian urban schooling d) Good for business e) All of the above Christine de Pizan o Working writer; writer and correspondent o Practiced art of writing Niccolo Machiavelli o Florentine diplomat, play write o The Prince – handbook of how to exercise power during the Renaissance o Political loser; kicked out of power; exiled o Commentator of precipitate decline of Florentine state Desiderius Erasmus o Travelled as medieval scholar o Erasmus scholarship – travel for learning; forming international community o Famous for his friendships (like Thomas More) o Tremendous volume of letters o Critic of the church – especially the “corruption” of the church o Affective because he used satire as a weapon to criticize the church o Erasmus is connected to the growing volume of criticism in the late medieval church Thomas More o Models the humanist commitment to service o Official to government o Demonstrates humanist commitment to writing life o Produced a book called Utopia (Greek term for no where) – describes an alternative society Jacques Lefebvre-d’Etaples o Professor in Paris o Ran the first printing press in France o Concerned about quality of biblical translation o Interest in and focus on language Guillaume Budé o Founder of one of the world’s greatest libraries o Had a job in the court of Francis I (of France) – great King who imagined he was onto something knew o Budé would read to the King and his court Michel de Montaigne o When he was a children, his father was a judge (born into elite setting) o His father taught him exclusively in Latin William Shakespeare o Classical themes – ancient kings o Lively sense of what is going on around him o Plays seen as political commentary How to be a
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