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HIST 1010 Sept 29 2011 Lecture Note (F11)

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HIST 1010
Peter Goddard

HIST 1010 Thursday, September 29, 2011 Castile's Conquest of the New World Clicker Q 1 Q. What Exactly, did Columbus achieve in 1492? A. a) Discovery of “America” (did not yet have name) > at first, Columbus thought he had discovered “Indies” b) Naming of America c) Invention of America > “New World” d) All of the above I. "Discovery" of the "Indies" (1492) followed by "conquista conquest" of Mexico (1519-) A. Columbus conveyed wealth of new land B. Hidalgos joined rush for land and wealth 1. Hernan Cortes conquered Mexico 1519-1523 > embarked on voyage of “no return”; struck at Mexico rather than heading home 2. Francisco Pizarro conquered Peru 1533-4 > band of Castilian warriors to overthrow Inca Values of Iberian Civilization?: > What values did these conquistador bring to the New World? o Up to mid-1400s, convivencia > different groups living to: living together (Christians, Jews, Moslems) > mutual toleration o Post 1478, concern with limpieza de sangre: purity of blood > increasing concern to exclude people who are not Christians; if you did not have pure Christian blood, then you were not given full rights in the society o Forced conversions began in 1492: conversos > people who adopted Christi, ory “New Christians” o Expulsions: 1492 – Jews; 1502, 1609 – Muslims. > Law: if you do not convert to Christianity and give up traditional beliefs, you must leave; policy of conversion targeted Jews to convert whereas Muslims were more likely to be expelled (back to Mediterranean) C. Castilian settlers and the Church established a "New Spain" which embodied values of Iberian civilization. 1. Franciscan missionaries arrived in 1524 > school, discipline, regulation, conversion 2. Encomiendero system established > feudal arrangement – landowner (lord) has power over subjects who live on, followed by repartimiento: forced labor 3. “New Laws” regulated slavery > banning slavery and forced labor; granting freedom; New Laws passed in Spain had little impact on deve
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