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HIST 1010 Oct 5 2011 Lecture Note (F11)

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University of Guelph
HIST 1010
Peter Goddard

HIST 1010 Thursday, October 6, 2011 Reformation – Martin Luther: Break with Tradition, Big Time Clicker Q: Why was “Germany” the site of the religious revolt? a) Literate population b) Grievance against Rome c) Tradition of heresy d) Most “religious” population o Germany was not a unified state (made up of small states) – political unions o Germany – highly decentralized o Germany had monarch (Emperor) – elected Emperor; did not rule absolutely o Diet – parliaments o Habsburg family – ruled in East Germany until 1918 o Church-run territories o Germans had more direct relationships with Roman Church – economically o More urbanized than any part of eastern Europe (urbanization = literacy) Martin Luther o October 1517: 95 Theses against the practice of indulgences. A scholastic way of argumentation. Theses (Latin) – invited response o Young monk, professor – studied new testament in Greek/Hebrew to sharpen understanding of how salvation worked o Identified closely with German modes (language, beer) o Martin was a professor at the University of Wittenberg – was a star professor o Protected by patron of University, even when he got in trouble o If you are an expert in your field, no one can shut you up o Martin Luther said: No one should teach for more than ten years because if you are doing it right, you wont have anything left to say o Protected by Prince and academic culture – allowed him to exercise his views o Courageous – was not afraid of death; was ready to stand before Emperor; was not going to recant – could have ended up like Jan Huss, but wasn’t afraid Indulgences o Dangerous – false sense of certainty on how to get saved o 95 Theses; written in Latin; opposed to indulgences o When Jesus died on cross, he made it possible for people to be saved; didn’t have to seek out/purchase extra power from church; go directly to Jesus for that power o Indulgences allow you to get awa
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