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HIST 1010 Nov 15 2011 Lecture Note (F11)

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HIST 1010
Peter Goddard

1 HIST 1010 Tuesday, November 15, 2011 Learning Outcomes o Early modern colonies o Transatlantic trade o Mercantilism Port Royal, Jamaica 1688/1782 o Colony belonged to British o 1692 – Entire city devastated by earth quake and fell into sea Ships o Mary Rose – sank 1545 and found in 1970s o The Vasa – sank on maiden voyage in 1628 found in the 1950; remarkable preserved; going to participate in 30 Year’s War when it sank o Archaeology gives us info about how lives were lived; wars were fought 18 Century o 1763 – great shift of how land was distributed in new world o France & England long term enemies Seven Years’ War (1756-63) o France & Austria vs. Great Britain & Prussia o France ended up with long term enemy Austria o Great Britain went to war in colonies; transported vast amount of soldiers to new world o North America = British Leif Eriksson (Leifr Eiriksson) – 1000 Vinland – Newfoundland o First European to come to North America o Viking o Sailed under Spanish flag; originated from Italy New World o English held coast and region around Hudson Bay o French held interior (“New France”) around Quebec – this part is still French today o God, glory, greed - wanted to convert people to Christianity; also a matter of money (Spain wanted gold, silver – reason why they were there; found things they wanted to import from new world > Europe) o Second stage: Spain, France, England o Scramble for Africa – Europeans divided African continent along artificial borders o Last stage: Entire decolonization 2 Trade Map o Either goes two ways (back and forth) or triangular o Left Europe = manufactured goods o Left Africa = humans (slave trade) Clicker Q 1 The Hudson Bay Company was established in: a) 1611 b) 1670 c) 1690 d) 1704 o Dealt with trade; later governed this part of Canada Trading Companies o English East India Company – All ships went to China, India; became important colonies for Europe o Dutch East India Company o French East India Company o Swedish East India Company – Ship sailed from Sweden to China West Indies o Cocoa, coffee, sugar o Consumer revolution: demand for sugar – went from b
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