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Lecture 1

HIST1010 Lecture 1: The Enlightenment Overview

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HIST 1010
Goode Heather

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015
The Enlightenment
-Absolute monarchs
-rigid class structure
-urban labour force
-reliance on colonies
-scarcity of food
The Characteristics of the Enlightenment
1. Rationalism- reason is urge arbiter of all things
2. Cosmology- a new concept of man, his existence on Earth, and the place of the
Earth in the universe
3. Secularism- application of the methods of science to religion and philosophy
4. Scientific Method- mathematical analysis, experimentation, inductive reasoning
5. Utilitarianism- the greatest good for the greatest number
6. Tolerance- No opinion is worth burning your neighbour for…
7. Optimism and Self-Confidence- the belief that man is intrinsically good and the belief
in social progress
8. Freedom- of thought and expression and to bring liberty to all men
9. Education of the Masses
10. Legal Reforms- justice, kindness, charity, no torture, indiscriminant, incarceration
11. Constitutionalism- written constitutions (listing citizens rights)8
12. Cosmopolitanism- we all belong to a single community
-population growth
-lands and agriculture
-The Industrial Revolution
-luxury and consumerism
-weakening and the nobility
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