HIST 1010 Lecture Notes - Petrarch, Bookkeeping, Oligarchy

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Published on 20 Sep 2012
University of Guelph
HIST 1010
HIST*1010 Sept, 18, 2012
Bringing back the classical learning and antiquities
o 1304-1374
o The „father‟ of humanism
o Author
o His family followed the Pope in Avignon
o Collected Latin manuscripts during his travels
o First person to use the term „Dark Ages‟
o Wrote in Italian
o 1312-1375
o Decameron
Escape Florence and hide out in a villa to escape the
Isolate themselves
Individual stories make up this book
A lot of references to urban life
Make fun of the Church and the priests a lot
Italian and Urban
o Northern Italy was a part of the Holy Roman Empire
o Largely independent
o 10% of Europe‟s population lived in cities
A minority that would be very influential
o Big Five
Rome (Papal States)
Republic of Venice
The Duchy of Milan
Kingdom of Naples
Republic of Florence
o Urban Economies
Production and manufacture
Turning raw material into finished goods
Guilds and monopolies
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Bringing back the classical learning and antiquities. Petrarch: 1304-1374, the father of humanism, author, his family followed the pope in avignon, collected latin manuscripts during his travels, first person to use the term dark ages , wrote in italian. Escape florence and hide out in a villa to escape the plague. A lot of references to urban life. Make fun of the church and the priests a lot. Italian and urban: northern italy was a part of the holy roman empire, largely independent, 10% of europe s population lived in cities. A minority that would be very influential: big five. A combination of a union, and a secret society. Prevented overproduction: kept the prices up. Europe was tied together through these trade networks. With bread : sharing the bread (profits) Social and economic difference within the population. Made use of many councils with rotating members. The doge (leader) was elected for life.

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