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HIST 1010
Christine Ekholst

HIST*1010 Sept, 18, 2012 Renaissance  Re-birth  Bringing back the classical learning and antiquities  Petrarch o 1304-1374 o The „father‟ of humanism o Author o His family followed the Pope in Avignon o Collected Latin manuscripts during his travels o First person to use the term „Dark Ages‟ o Wrote in Italian  Boccaccio o 1312-1375 o Decameron  Book  Escape Florence and hide out in a villa to escape the plague  Isolate themselves  Individual stories make up this book  A lot of references to urban life  Make fun of the Church and the priests a lot  Italian and Urban o Northern Italy was a part of the Holy Roman Empire o Largely independent o 10% of Europe‟s population lived in cities  A minority that would be very influential o Big Five  Rome (Papal States)  Republic of Venice  The Duchy of Milan  Kingdom of Naples  Republic of Florence o Urban Economies  Production and manufacture  Turning raw material into finished goods  Guilds and monopolies  A combination of a union, and a secret society  Everything was strictly controlled  Prevented overproduction o Kept the prices up  Trade  Short and long distance  Gateway between Europe and Asia  Europe was tied together through these trade networks  Long distance trades were expensive  Needed to minimize these expenses  Compagnie  With “bread” o Sharing the bread (profits)  Copain (friend)  Company  Banking  Bookkeeping  Social and economic difference within the population  Small group of very wealthy  Large group of poor  Plague effected their economic systems greatly  Consumption of luxury goods increased Venice
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