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HIST1150 Holocaust Notes

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HIST 1150
Brian Mc Dougall

HIST1150 March 4th, 2013 -Holocaust memorials, etc; we teach it widely -wasn't always like that -mid 1960s, the Holocaust was not a widely discussed historical topic -no such thing as Holocaust studies; no memorialisation -why the long period of silence? -many holocaust survivors were unwilling or unable to talk about their experiences -perpetrators in East and West Germany didn't want to uncover their unfavourable roles -draw a veil over it -extensive knowledge is a fairly recent occurrence -the Nazi Holocaust was also a part of a wider Nazi plan to destroy political enemies and racially/socially inferior races -social democrats, sexual minorities, gypsies, disabled people or people who could not contribute to the 3rd Reich -The Final Solution needs to be seen in the broader destructive policy -traditionally, there were 2 main groups of thoughts: -1: intentionalists -liquidation was decided on by the Nazis and Hitler, the central goal of Hitler's life and it was achieved in steps -deep-seated Nazi plan -Hitler's long standing anti-Semitism (from when he was in Vienna) -thought that Germany lost WW1 because of scheming of Jews from the front lines -destruction of the Jewish race was a common topic in his speeches when he came to power -stepping stones: gradual ratcheting up of pressure against the Jewish population -1933 Nazis come to power and they are already boycotting Jewish stores -Nuremburg Laws 1935: denied German Jews their citizenship; Aryans and Jews couldn't get married or have sexual relations -Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass) 1938: 30 000 Jews arrested; destruction of homes and businesses, 100 deaths and many suicides -eventually policies that lead to the Final Solution -straight path there from 1914 -2: funtionalists -twisted path there and didn't work in a smooth curve; didn't move towards the ideas of extermination -appears to be encouraging Jews to emigrate in the 1930s -around the time of the Berlin Olympic Games 1936 -decision to liquidate is only taken in 1940s around the time of the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 -brought Poland and other areas under Nazi regime
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