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HIST1150 Decolonization

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HIST 1150
Brian Mc Dougall

HIST1150 February 25th, 2013 -Same structure for Essay Two Decolonization Notes (Continued) Why (3 main interpretations): Nationalist Interpretation -decolonization was the product of actively pushing Europeans out of the country -charismatic, western-educated leaders which forced European leaders out of their claimed territories -however, decolonization actually took a long time usually; didn't always come quickly with nationalistic countries -Algeria -Vietnam -British-occupied Malaya (aka Malaysia) -indigenous peoples were often very divided over why and how to get rid of -division of fighting with or without violence (ethical divide) -fighting adopted by FLN in Algeria (ended up killing more Algerians and Kenyans than occupiers) -political divide between communism and anti-communism -national and religious divisions -Palestine -India -also changing were the opinions of people who had previously been happy to work with colonial forces International Interpretations -rise of USA and Soviets -decline of Europe and their overseas empires -after 1945, the general international power shifted -wartime experiences and occupations -UN tried to help countries seeking freedom from colonial powers -1960 UN declared decolonization to be agai
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