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Lecture 4

Week 4: The Rise of Fascism in Inter-War Europe

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HIST 1150
Brian Mc Dougall

Week 4 The Rise of Fascism in InterWar EuropeDuring the 1920s and 1930s there was a fascist label applied to literally every country that was not clearly democratic or socialistItalian FascismItaly gained little from WW1 Versailles settlements gave them less land than they felt they deserved Revolution began in 1920 when unhappy workers seized control of factories Mussolini founded first Italian fascist party which grew when people recognized its potential to gain social order The king names him Prime Minister of Italy in 1922 and by 1926 he appeared to be Italys only masterWhen depression struck the effort to build an efficient industry became more important than the little man Mussolini turned to violence launchingan invasion on Ethiopia began the downfall of Italian He eventually turned to Hitler who dragged Mussolini with him to destructionNazi GermanyIn 1933 Hitler became Chancellor of germany as head of a coalition government with few Nazis nazis gained German obedience through peer pressure 3 facto
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