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Lecture 3

Week 3: The Bolshevik Revolution and International Communism

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University of Guelph
HIST 1150
Brian Mc Dougall

Week 3 The Bolshevik Revolution and International Communism 19171941Stalin wanted to transform the Soviet Union into an Industrial Super Power Lenin was an organized Revolutionary with leadership and tact His Bolsheviks didnt want other European influence He wanted to liberate Russia with his simple ideas of MarxismLeninism He wanted to organize power from the top down Despotism is the cruel use of power that MarxismLeninism aimed to topple By the beginning of the 20th Century Russia was still economically and socially backwardsThe Crimean War was in the mid 19th century 18531856 Britain and France defeated Russia and the Tsar emancipated freed serfs peasantsThe Tsar had complete power of the Soviet Union but was greatly influenced by his advisors Workers were being taken advantage of so SDP sent out secret propaganda foreshadowing revolutionBloody Sunday took place in 1905 and was a massacre of hundreds of workin
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