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Lecture 4

Week 4 Notes

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University of Guelph
HIST 1150
Tim Mau

History 1150Week 4 notesThe Rise of Fascism Lecture 10Right wing Authorial dictatorship emerged imposition of dictatorship oneman rules usually a military leaderWere anti liberal and anti communist and nationalisticTwo most infamous fascist rulersHitlerMussolini Fascism could be applied to all antiBolshevik regimes Fascism is hard to define because there is no simple way of explaining ithad no theoretical basis It basically meansa bundle of stickscoming from the Latin term First coined in 1919 by Mussolini Fascism was not for export could not be imitated by other countries Mussolini Problems with defining FascismUsually explains as a revolution from the right The use of a mass revolutionary government to return countries to more conservative waysThree Basic ideas that developed Fascism 1 And aggressive form of Nationalismall forms are derived from nationalismNurtured by way and by peace war settlementsFirst World War accelerated nationalist thoughts in Germany the nation was defined by racial terms2 Ability to work together with more conservative rightgroups like the Church business elites army groups that shared the same things as Fascism such as antiSemitism and the fear of communism3 Mass mobilizationthe use of modern techniques cinemas and radio to get across political message The revolutionary right and left shared the establishment of politics when they are usually far apart The main thing that distinguished Fascism compared to right wing conservative Fascism was not a sophisticated idea but packaged ideas better then conservativesWere quite prepared to work in nationalist systemsACTIONS are what defined Fascism Fascism was able to develop because of the Wall Street Crash 1929 Apparently ItalianMussolinis Fascism and Hitlers Nationalist Socialism were similar yet differentIn both countries both countries were angry about the settlement of the treaty of Versailles both had to pay for the war Guilt from the warterritorial lossestreaty was widely unpopular in Germany
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