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Lecture 6

Week 6 Notes

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University of Guelph
HIST 1150
Tim Mau

Week 6 Lecture 15 DecolonizationAt the end of the war the European powers still controlled a large part of non EuropeOver a state of 30 yearsaround 19451975 European powers began to loose all their power Europe and its colonies before 1945 Pressure for self government had been growing long before 1945 The first world war was the key turning point In 1919 Britain was at its peak too much demand on people lead colonies to want to lead themselves France thought that the first world war would ease the pain of their economyAlgeriaKey in decolonization was the Second world war1 The war undermined the prestige of the armymost notably France 1940 2 Highlighted the ongoing ignorance of the local population European originated warsIn 1945Britain France Belgium Netherlands Portugal still had substantial colonies in south AfricaWas a failure to face the contradiction of fighting Nazism and on the other hand failing to give democratic rights to minoritiesthis affects the future 15 yearsHow did decolonization happen In certain areas of the world it happened pretty rapidlymainly middle eastmany of the colonies that Britain hadeventually granted them independence In august 1947 British empire granted independence to Indian territory A year later British government ends its mandate in Palestineleading a clearly path to partition International pressures made the European powers to suddenly let go of their colonies In other parts of the worlds the process took longerAfrica happened in later 50sIn the 60s most of the territories in Britain had been achievedeverything was over in the 60s 1997 Hong Kong became part of china Some colonial powers clung to some areas than others sometimes caused violence Portugal was the last country to decolonize Algeriafighting and difficult fewer French people It was easier in otherEmphasizes that European powers lost the will to keep their economies because of many factors
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