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Week 10 Notes

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HIST 1150
Tim Mau

Week 10Third World revolutions China and Cuba Mao Zedong and communist China c 194989 Brief recap origins and early development of the CCP the uneasy alliance between the GMD and the CCP 193746 y GMD more nationalized and the Chinese communist party under the leadership of Maoy Came from a nice background but less interested In following Marxist communism and more trying to alter the country that was based on peasant lifeand successful revolution would have to support the peasants y Emphasis on the revolutionary peasantrythat were not recognized y Emphasis on political activismrather then the prematerialistic Marxismy Emphasis on nationalismrid the country of foreign influences y In the 1930s Japan wanted to extend their empires the GMD and CCP joined together to fight against a common goalbut this alliance was like the soviet and USA y CCP was better organized and had control over large parts of societymuch larger networky Communist triumph in the civil war 19469 Establishment of communist rule 194953 y Civil war broke out between these groupsGMD lacked a lot of re
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