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Week 9 Notes

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University of Guelph
HIST 1150
Tim Mau

Week 9The Cold WarOrigins of Cold war y February 1955the leaders of the grand alliancethe American president talked about family Stalin talked about peace time agreementsthis harmonious relationship failed and has growing military hostilityy By the end of the 1950sEurope was divided into two partsthe eastern block run by the Soviet Union and Western my the United Statesy By that time the event known as the cold war has begunWhy it happenedy Problems between both sides date backy Bolshevik communist ideologies were both based on over rule of nationsthats what Lenin was focused onwas a global projecty Same as true for the American ElitesWilson after first WW wanted to create a society that was based on Liberalism Nationalism and democracyWanted to benefit the powerful USAy Both the Americans and Soviets had different idea of what they wanted to doyAs long as capitalism and Socialism exist Lenin y Kill or be killed theres no room for two different ideologiesy When WW2 started neither were part of the wary Only the events of 1941German invasions and then pe
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