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Lecture 3

Week 3 Notes

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HIST 1150
Tim Mau

Week 3 History 1150 The Bolshevik Revolution and international communism c 191741 Lecture 7 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engelscommunist manifesto 1848 outlined basic communism Historical materialismthe idea that the ultimate cause of historical movements could be found in the economy of societythe ways in which men would produce materials for their own needs everything else was based on this economic structureSuperstructure The history of all existing society is the history of class struggle Class struggle and revolution The class struggle between workers and their bossended inevitably when attentions could not be ignored when the struggling class overpowering the upperclass and taking control Boursouasie and the proletariat This type of revolution was inevitable Marxs ideas were meant for industrialized societies modernlike Britainhowever his views had a stronger effects on non industrialized societiesCzar Russia Russia was small and not much industrialized Lenin adopted Marxs into society and the way Russia should be runRussian Social Democratic PartyRussia had small industryhe wanted to guide the working classwanted to create a group that could control society and educate the people Put forward an idea of a tightly nit party that would seize power Trying to find a formula to speed up the revolutionary process Marxism was just one concept at this timeIn France etc Anarchism was more popularmore left wing German Social Democratic Party1819largest political partyThe Russian Revolution Peasant based society Monarchy with the Czarruled with an iron fistautocrat Very large military Polland in the west toRussia in 1914joined the first wolrd war against Germany and Austria hunagary Nicholas II believed they could mobilize and defeat Febuary 1917Nicholas II had to decline and give his power over to Alexander Kerensky Provisional government was hated too because they kept Russia in the War Factoriessome workers organized themselves into Soviets in order to go against the government and war Bolsheviks partyhad emerged from the SDP at the start At the beggening there were a lot of people against themunder Lenins GuidanceThe original party spilt because half the party didnt agree with Leninthey wanted to educate furture before attempting a revolution
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