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Lecture 10

[Oct 11] Lecture 10

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HIST 1250
S Lachapelle

HIST 1250 October 11, 2012 (10) Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) - Very much of the patronage system, has a university education - Born in Italy, lives in an area that is very wealthy - His family is not rich, he needs to get a job after finishing school - His father wants him to be a doctor, but he is more interested in math but there are no jobs in math at the time - Gets a job at the university of Pisa - Colleagues and university are very conservatives; he doesn’t like it - Gets a job at a different university that is much more liberal - In 1610 he leaves teaching all together and joins the royal court - He hears rumours of someone building a telescope in northern Europe - Decides to build his own telescope - He sees four moons going around Jupiter, shows not everything goes around the earth - In 1613 he publishes a paper that proves Copernicus’ theory - In 1616 the Vatican bans Copernicus’ book - Galileo travels to the Vatican and tries to prove to them his theory is right - He takes a break from this work to calm the Church - In 1632 publishes a book stating anyone who believes Aristotle is dumb - Sentenced to house arrest by the Vatican Scientific Revolution - Britain and France become centres for science and technology - A
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