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Lecture 11

[Oct 16] Lecture 11

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University of Guelph
HIST 1250
S Lachapelle

HIST 1250 October 16, 2012 (11) Jesuit Science - Have a bad reputation after the trial of Galileo - They travel around the world trying to convert people, but use science to do so - Large amounts of population are found in Asia, so many missionaries travel to China - They teach math and science - Even in European schools some curriculum is from the Jesuit’s - Build a global network of science and bring large amounts of data back to Rome - China has good medicine, and are not interested in Western medicine - But they have better clock making techniques, geography, astronomy - Matteo Ricci travels to China in 1601 to attempt and convert the emperor - He tells Rome to send astronomers to China because they are so behind in that field - Jesuit’s were not making much progress converting people - They started to fall behind in European science - The Jesuit’s in Latin America do much more observing than teaching - Make lots of discoveries in plants and animals - Very interested in finding natural resources that can be used in medicine Colonial Expansion - Protestants also travel the world trying to convert native populations - Trade and prestige is the main focus of colonial expansion - Ships are loaded with scientists, mathematicians, etc. and sent around the world - A search for useful resources to be exploited Astronomy and Colonialism - At around the same academies and observatories are founded in Europe - Trying to implement longitude - Naval officers are trained in new navigation techniques - Britain is more focused on making a profit from science, while France is not so focused on making money - From 1735 to 1745 there are expeditions to test gravitation - They find evidenc
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