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Lecture 12

[Oct 18] Lecture 12

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HIST 1250
S Lachapelle

HIST 1250 October 18, 2012 (12) The Industrial Revolution - From the beginning of the 18 century there are changes in technology that change the way people live - All of this begins in Britain and spreads across the world - Britain has large deposits of coal and iron - There are rivers that can be sailed by ships to bring goods around the island - A society that encourages technological innovations - Strong patient system, can protect the rights of inventors and their work - Work is divided into different tasks to make production more efficient - Machinery is used to replace human labor and speed up production for lower costs - People move from thral areas to the city, population is split into classes - Starts in the 18 century - Happens because of agriculture technology, and the invention of the steam engine Technological Changes - Change in material from fur and sheep fur to cotton - Electricity starts to be used, gas lamps many changes in chemicals - See PowerPoint for complete list of innovations Social Changes - Separation of work and home, people work during the day and sleep at home at night - The middle and working classes Pre-Industrial Cities - Are very limited in size - Guilds control the cities and control the cities Pre-Industrial Rural - Most people live and work on the farms - Life is centred around the family Agricultural Innovations - They must produce food for the population, as well as food for their live stock - Charles Townsend is the head of a
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