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Lecture 13

[Oct 23] Lecture 13

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University of Guelph
HIST 1250
S Lachapelle

HIST 1250 October 23, 2012 (13) Natural History - As Europe brings in animals from all over the world it begins clear their needs to be a new system of classification - They still used Aristotle’s system of blooded and bloodless animals - In the middle ages they used Aristotle’s system but added more categories - As we entered the modern period some scientists are finding faults in Aristotle’s system - Pierre Belon (1555) noted humans and birds have similar bone structures Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778) - Creates the starting point for modern zoology - His job is to record and categorize all animals known to man - Talks about love and romance between plants - Divides animals into six different categories - Linnaeus kept many of the same categories as Aristotle but split the Quadrupeds - Woman of the upper class would send their children to rural areas so peasants can breast feed their children - At one point, 90% of children were sent to countryside for breast feeding - Campaign starts in the 1800s to discourage woman from sending their children away to wet nurses - This is why we call mammals, mammals Mining and Fossils - As Europeans travel the world, they begin mining the resources of other regions - They find fossils and wonder what they mean - They find fish fossils on mountains and wonder how they got there - Life scientists begin to ask questions of the human race and animals - At this point all human history comes from what the bible says Comte De Buffon (1707-1789) - Director of the Kings Garden in France - The garden is going to get a library, dissection room, becomes a center of research - Has a theory of species (see PowerPoint) - Animals that can reproduce with each other is a species - He believes the way animals look have changed over time, but they are still the same animal even though they look different - The environment in which animals live change the way they look - Believes the Earth was created when a comet hit the sun and went into orbit - Believes the earth is 75,000 years old Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle - The same name it has today - Has a new mission to entertain the public as well as conduct research - Takes a
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