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Lecture 19

[Nov 15] Lecture 19

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HIST 1250
S Lachapelle

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HIST 1250 November 15, 2012 (19) The Cold War - Ended with the fall of the Berlin wall in 1991 - Called a “cold war” because military conflict never actually occurred - The main cause of the war was the clash of Communism and Capitalism - This clash existed before the end of Second World War - Huge amounts of anti-communist sentiments after the end of the First World War - Hiding the atomic bomb from Stalin made the Soviets very angry - The atomic bomb changed the political landscape as the United States emerged as a world superpower - Germany was split in two (East and West Germany) Science and the Cold War - The design of the atomic bomb and its production took place during the end of WWII - Massive amounts of secrecy in scientific research surrounding the atomic bomb - The question of whether science is good or bad? - The scientific community realized they had created something that could destroy the world; started activist groups - Because of these groups scientists would have a say in future atomic development - The United States didn’t think the Soviets would be able to develop an atomic bomb - It was believed Uranium was very rare, but the Soviets had huge reserves in Eastern Europe - In August of 1949 the Soviets developed and successfully tested their own atomic bomb - The US then decides to build a bigger bomb, the hydrogen bomb - It was detonated in November 1952 - In 1955 the Soviets develop their own hydrogen bomb - Each side continues to build bigger and bigger bombs - The Castle Bravo bomb in March of 1954 was the biggest bomb the United States, and the Soviets built a bigger one in 1961 ENIAC - Designed to be used for artillery - Ended up being used for
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