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HIST 1250
Sofie Lachapelle

The production of goods, the means of transportation, liberalism, capitalism, rise of modern cities etc. began in Britain. It has ample deposits of coal and iron. It has many navigable rivers. It is a trading nation, has a great interest in commerce. Concerned of mathematics. Britain got a strong patent system. Depersonalisation of work. Revolution in chemistry. TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATONS: Innovations in electricity. Wool and linen were dominant Cotton was important during industrial revolution st 1 plastic was discovered in 1959. SOCIAL CHANGES: New ways to work outside the home. Separation of home and work places. THE PRE-INDUSTRIALWORLD: Society was divided with aristocracy Land owning class had more privileges. THE PRE-INDUSTRIAL CITIES: More limited in population. There were small shops. life is regional,based on seasons,agricultural,slow trade and communication. AGRICULTURAL INNOVATIONS: Wool and cotton for the industries,food for humans and livestock(Agriculture) Charles townsend was embassador in Britain Densely populated,thought about rotation of crops,agriculture.(Norfolk system) Skills of water control. Jethro Tull was interested in agricultural production. Agricultural innovations were seen. Britain has open field systems. Aristocracy tried to put force on collectors to pass a law about having fences,gates to the
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