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HIST 1250
Sofie Lachapelle

Each worker is assigned a particular work. th The assembly line started in 19 century. Killing of animals took place in slaughter houses. They talked about hunting, prehistory. We use milk eggs, skin of animals. We use them for transportation. They were also used for entertainment in streets. Discovery of new lands led to the discovery of new varieties of animals. Pets were not new in 19 century. They acted as companions of children, family. th First zoological gardens were opened to public in 18 century. Modern experimental science and modern physiology came out in the end of the 18 century. th Aristotle, Galen in antiquity explained that the animals lack knowledge. th At the end of the 18 century veterinary schools were opened. th By the end of the 19 century, veterinary schools were opened all over the Europe. Physiology developed around the Frenchmen. Magendie was a physiologist. He focussed on nervous system. He performed his experiments on animals. Bernard was one of the founders of physiology. He was the major figure of physiology in France. He was interested in nervous system. Along with all of this,we have first societies for the concern of the animals. Many moveme
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