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University of Guelph
HIST 1250
Sofie Lachapelle

Science and the cold war It was called cold war because U.S.Aand Russia did not come into direct conflict with their militaries. China and many other countries were influenced by cold war. The reason was ideological conflict. Communism entered Russia in 1917. Joseph Stalin was the leader of USSR. Yalta conference was about describing how Russia would look after the war. Not sharing the technology was a problem from them. There was emergency of new super power with the dropping of atomic bomb. Berlin was the hot point during the cold war. Germany has a history of conflict and the idea of nuclear Germany terrified all. Lawrence was a physicist, his technology was to use in the construction of an atomic bomb. Atomic bomb has a potential of massive destruction. There was a large amount of scientific activism. TheAtomic Scientists Movement were trying to have the co-operation between scientists. TheAtomic Scientists Movement was a large success. Oppenheimer was the leader of the Manhattan project. The Hydrogen Bomb and Nuclear Buildup They believed that the Uranium was very rarely available. But, satellites were rich of Uranium. USSR tried working on the bombs. Hydrogen bomb, unlike the bombs used in Hiroshima, Nagasaki was a fission bomb which causes large explosion. Soviets, unlike theAmericans expect were able to construct their own hydrogen bomb. Hydrogen bomb was 2.5 times larger than they expected to be. That was the larger bomb U.S. never tested. The larger bomb the world never tested was that tested in
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