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University of Guelph
HIST 1250
Sofie Lachapelle

Environmentalism andA Silent Spring Rachel Carson was the first to write about pesticides. In 1962, the chemical industries, government were accused of environmental pollution. DDT has us by killing insects. Dieldrin was a most effective pesticide which is 4 times powerful than DDT. In 1970s,1980sActivists tried to muve from streets to political arena. First green party was seen in Germany in 1983. Parliamentary system in Germany do not need major support to enter into the parliament. West Germany was the unwilling home of 1000s of tribals. They were suffered by pollution coming from Europe. Everywhere in the world, environmentalism is in favour by 1980s. Environmental call came from middle class. In 1980s, discussion on environmental problems were seen. Union carbide was an American company, who went outside into other countries. Many people died in Bhopal. Many were treated for blindness etc. There was no emergency plant established in India if there are chemical leaks. On the night of the accident, there wasn’t a single rail engine. The slums were affected in Bhop
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