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HIST 1250
Sofie Lachapelle

In Russia, first railway was laid between St. Petersburgh and Warsaw in 1837. Warsaw became a famous harbour in Russia. Civil war took place in Russia in 1812. Alma-Tadema was very rich and was extremely popular in Britain. He is renounced for surfaces, marbles. Manchester was polluted, industrialised. Our feelings, motivations are more complicated than we appear. Freud is the physician in Vienna. He was dealing with patients with severe disorders. Annerexia was defined as his writing. He developed a school of thought. His method is the talking cure. He is a psychiatrist. He puts greatest importance on nervousness. In 1900, he writes the interpretation of dreams. He wants to talk about the dreams of patients. 19 century-physics th The new theories came out of physics at the end of the 19 century. The geological society in Britain opened its door in 1807, chemical society in 1841, physical society in 1874. Physicists were not interested in English until 1841. Light, electricity, heat, mechanism were seen I 19 century physics. At the end of the century was a great moment for physics. Maxwell explained that light travels through a medium which was massless called as ether. They tried to find the evidence of the ether. If ether exists, the light at the detector should be out of phase. Lorentz-Fitzergald experiments goes against to the Newtonian physics. Principle of relativity says that the object of motion is in relation with the other object.It is not absolute. The speed of light is same for the observer. Clocks will run slower when an observer is in relative motion. TheAtomic Theory Newton destroyedAristotle forever. th John Dalton at the beginning of the 18 century, came out with a theory of atoms. It was when chemistry was developing. th At the end of the 18 century, Mendeleef classified all the elements based on the properties of the elements. Rutherford says that the nucleus is at the center of the atom and compares it to the solar system. The spectrum should be continuous according to Maxwell’s theories. But, the experiments showed that the spectrum is discrete. The atom
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