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HIST 1250
Sofie Lachapelle

In the middle ages, knowledge was translated between Islamic empire, byzantine empire, India. Jesuit Science Catholic church faced 2 challenges Enormous population of Christians in asia, latinAmerica Educational instituitions establishment Wrote many books, some of them on science Defended the authority ofAristotle. Built a global world of knowledge In china: Matteo Ricci was a Jesuit science priest. Galenic medicine didn’t help. Chinese has their own medicine They have better cosmology, mathematics Rejected Copernican system Better knowledge of geography, geometry… 1592, board of astronomy missed an eclipse Jesuits tried to dominate astronomy of china. They wrote treatises in Chinese, introduced trigonometry in china Jesuits taught tyco brahe system Their theories became less popular slowly They were isolated in china They were unable to change the Christian policies. They were unable to convert Chinese to Christians They tend to work as collectors They became the emperor of spain They discovered new plants, classified them They had pharmacies Colonial expansion and botanical exploration: High mortality rate Trade was an objective First museums, botanical gardens were seen in Europe Gardens were associated with academie des sciences Bioprospecting is the way to make profits Tried to found medicines for European army Royal observatories are international research centres Naval officers are going to be trained using equipments Royal observatories also makes maps Test for Universal Gravitation was done in france. This means earth should be bulged at the equator and should be seen as an onion. Venus expedition: if we are at different places on the earth at same time,we can calculate distance between earth and venus and earth a
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